General conditions S.O.G.N.O.

S.O.G.N.O. hereinafter hereinafter called " Seller "

Article 1 : Applicability of General Conditions
These terms and conditions of delivery shall apply to all agreements that connect with the seller , whether it is the supply of articles or the provision of services . By ordering you to agree to . With the general terms
Article 2 : Ordering and conclusion of agreement
All offers are made ​​without obligation by seller and made ​​publicly available, via the website . Seller is never obliged to offer in case of printing , typesetting , or programming errors include its catalogs , mailings or website .
The agreement is only concluded at the time that the seller to the buyer sends an order confirmation ( by email ) . An order confirmation is not sent by the seller rather than the buyer upon receipt of a completed order .
Buyer can send the order by electronic transmission on the website.
An order is not valid if the vendor his or her usual place of residence can not determine unequivocally. By ordering is a 'buy - on - remote " to establish , in accordance with Article 7:46 paragraph a through j of the Civil Code .
In individual cases, seller decide to refuse orders or further condition set before proceeding to delivery. Seller is not obliged to give reasons for such denial. Further
Article 3 . Prices and Payments
All prices are expressed in Euro ( € ) and include tax ( VAT ) .
However, the margin used items fall under the margin scheme and are not charged VAT .
If the site or in the order confirmation is a price that is incorrect , seller reserves the right to substitute the right price to charge .
Payment can be by Paypal, bank transfer or a cash transfer via Paypal .
For bank , the date of payment to the date of crediting the account of the seller .
Article 4 . Delivery and shipping
The delivery times indicated on the website are indicative and on the basis of stocks , possible ( after ) ordering deadlines and in the Netherlands . A specified delivery time is never a deadline.
If the seller , for whatever reason, can not deliver , then buyer will be informed and be given the option to terminate the agreement. Without charge as soon as possible Payments seller has already received , will be the dissolution of the agreement within fourteen days refunded to the bank account of the buyer.
Buyer will receive an invoice upon delivery of the items ordered.
If the buyer has moved and has not made ​​known to the seller than an episode is the last to seller made ​​known home address as a valid delivery . Seller is not liable for any damage that buyer may suffer because the delivery has not taken place . On the actual address
Article 5 . defects
Buyer is only entitled to actual delivery within fourteen days of the items in original condition and after consultation with the seller , to be returned if the product is not functioning . The shipping cost of return postage will be paid by buyer. The product will be replaced . If this is not possible it will be the purchaser the amount paid , less shipping and administatie costs , within fourteen days after the actual return particular Articles by seller , refunded to the bank account of the buyer.
After the fourteen-day period buyer can not purchase his or her return
Article 6 . Transfer of Risk
The risk of loss or damage to items covered by the agreement shall pass to the buyer or to a third party indicated by the buyer at the time when they are legally and / or physically delivered to the purchaser.
Article 7 . liability
Seller is only liable for damages suffered by the purchaser if such damage is attributable to the Seller or if it is mandatorily be assumed by vendor .
Seller is not liable for the consequences of incorrect or incomplete information in its catalogs, mailings or on the website .
If the seller attributable fails to fulfill its obligations towards the buyer , the seller is liable to the buyer for damages for the loss suffered by the buyer . However, Seller shall only be liable for direct damage , which only means :
1. damage directly caused to material things;
2. reasonable and demonstrable costs incurred to establish the cause and extent of the damage so far relating to the direct damage as meant here ;
3. reasonable and demonstrable costs buyer makes the sale or limitation of direct damage as meant here .
The direct damage as referred to above will be reimbursed up to the amount of the purchase price of the articles or , if the delivery of services, up to the value of these services . Any other damage than described above is not paid by the seller . This means that under no circumstances shall be reimbursed in other consequential damages such as lost profits or other loss of revenue, material damage and pure economic loss other than mentioned under 2 . and 3.
Seller is not liable for any damage if it is caused by a deficiency which is the result of force majeure . Force majeure is present if the failure is due beyond the control of Seller circumstances , which in any case is defined as:
- War or similar situations ;
- Riots, sabotage , boycott , strike , occupation, blockade ;
- Disease of the seller or vendor staff ;
- Failure of suppliers and / or carriers of seller;
- Measures of the government ( including a foreign government ) as a transport, import or production ban ;
- Natural disasters , bad weather , lightning, fire , explosion and discharge of hazardous substances and gases .
Seller is not liable for any damage that has made ​​known in writing. Seller to buyer later than 7 calendar days after discovery of the damage
The buyer is not allowed to offset any amount that buyer to seller due under any alleged claim for damages of any agreement between buyer and seller .
Or legal persons who are employed by Seller , individuals or belong to the group of the seller and / or used by Seller in the performance of any agreement between buyer and seller and are addressed by the buyer for damages may also be on the provisions of these " Terms of delivery " professions.
Without prejudice to its other rights, the vendor in case of force majeure the right , to suspend the execution of the order of copper after its discretion , or to dissolve the agreement by the buyer to notify this in writing. Without judicial intervention Seller is not obliged to pay any compensation , unless this would be unacceptable. Circumstances after the standards of reasonableness and fairness
Article 8 . Privacy statement
Seller adheres to the Data Protection Act and will only use the data of copper for processing and administrative processing of the order. The data of copper will not, unless a compelling reason is based, be provided to third parties.
Article 9 . disputes
Seller has the right to submit to the competent court according to law a dispute.
Parties shall only refer to the court than after they have made every effort to settle a dispute. Mutual agreement
Article 10 . applicable law
Any agreement between the seller and buyer is Dutch law.
In case of interpretation of the content and scope of these "General conditions of delivery " is the Dutch version prevails .