Spices Spaghettata Pugliese

  • Spices Spaghettata Pugliese
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Spicy spices; A classic in the kitchen from Puglia and Italy.

Ingredients: garlic, hot chili pepper, persil, salt

The spices Spaghettata Pugliese spices can be used to spice up your tomato sauce, meat, fish etc. as well. All according to your own taste.

Classic use: Spaghetti Aglio- Olio - Peperoncino
Heat Lanzilotti Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a bit of the spices Spaghettata Pugliese (quantity depends if you prefer more or less spicy) for about 1 minute. Cook the spaghetti al dente and add it to the pan with the spicy Olive Oil. fried for 1 minute. Serve hot and eventually add Parmesan cheese.


Careful very spicy! :)

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